How it all started…


It was a mix of so many things and at the risk of sounding very cliché… I just kinda had an epiphany. The short story is that I realised I was tired of making excuses for not being able to do or be what I wanted, and instead I started being happy. I was in Morocco then, it wasn’t a bad place to start the journey…

The next thing I know, I’m handing over my resignation letter (well…it took me a good year of saving money, making plans, changing plans, making new plans and changing those again before I could make the move), feeling both relieved and terrified. The rest happened really quickly.

I thought it would take me a little while to realise what I’d done. I thought it would feel like a holidays at first. I thought I’d miss the morning commute. Wait. No. Not that last one. The truth is…I was ready.

“Say how you feel, leave the job you hate, find your passion, love with every ounce of your bones, stand up for things that matter, don’t settle, don’t apologise for who you are… Be fucking brave”

I’ve always loved travelling. I remember a conversation with a friend a long long time ago. We were discussing how neither of us had money and she said “but you, you always travel!”, meaning that I must have had some sort of money. I replied “it’s all a question of priorities!”. I didn’t have much money. Probably no less but no more than her…the difference was that I chose to spend mine on flights.

So the decision to travel for a few months came to me fairly easily. But where do you go, when you can go everywhere? Morocco (fell in love with the place and it’s people)? Petra (always dreamt of going there)? Vietnam (that’s where some of my roots are)? Mexico (that’s where my dad has been living for the past 30 years)? Anywhere/Everywhere I could surf (I really want to improve!)?

So here I am. In Mexico. This is how it all starts. The life I want when I’m back, I know it won’t be easy to get it and I know it will take time, but time is exactly what I have now, at least to think.